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  • Angelcare

    Angelcare baby monitors are both video and audio only as well as movement monitors for your peace of mind. With excellent range and reliability they are regularly voted best by both parents and reviewers. With baby monitors for all budgets you can rely on your Angelcare monitor to keep you alert to your baby's condition.

  • Dreambaby

    Dreambaby has a huge range of baby gates, extensions and safety products. The extensions available with the Dreambaby gates can cover the widest door openings of any product we stock. Each gate and extension comes in either black or white. The gates come in 4 sizes - regular, tall, wide, tall+wide. To see which gate and extension will fit your door opening look at the gate buying guide and the extension calculator documents on the top right of our homepage.

    Dreambaby also has play pens and all manner of safety products such as soft corners, safety latches, night lights, powerpoint covers, car window blinds and more.

  • Lindam

    Lindam is the UK's premier gate and play pen brand. They have both pressure mount and screw mount gates and extensions to fit most door widths. The Orto gate is similar to the Axis gate but the Orto adds a self closing feature. Some parents like self closing gates, others prefer to close the gate manually.

    To see which gate will fit your door width look at the Gate Buying Guide and the Extension Calculator documents on the top right of our homepage.

  • Vee Bee

    Vee Bee was born with the vision of creating affordable yet quality baby and nursery products that are as fun and representative of today’s generation of parents and children as they are practical and functional. Vee Bee's range of play pens and bed rails have proven hugely popular with Australian parents.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items