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  • Baby Gates

    Baby Safety Gates

    When buying a baby safety gate there are 4 key questions you need to consider

    i) Do I want to screw the baby gate into the wall or do I want it to be pressure mounted? Screwing a baby gate in is more secure, pressure mounting the gate is more convenient.

    ii) How wide is the space I need the baby gate to block off?

    iii) Do I need the baby gate to be extra tall? Most gates are around 75cm tall, but some go up to 100cm.

    iv) Do I want the baby gate to swing closed automatically or do I want to push it closed?

    Armed with these 4 answers and our Baby Gate Buying Guide (see our homepage) you can find your ideal baby gate.

  • Extensions

    Baby Gate Extensions

    Many of our baby safety gates have optional extensions to fit a wide range of doors or hallways. Measure the width you need and look at our Baby Gate Extension Guide on the homepage to find which extensions you need.

    Note, you may need some timber chocks at the top of a pressure mounted baby gate if your skirting boards at the bottom are very thick. Most baby gate extensions are for the pressure mounted gates.

  • Play Pens

    Baby Playpen Australia

    There are 3 key decisions to find the right playpen for you:

    i) How big do you want it to be? Some playpens have extension kits available to make them bigger.

    ii) What should it be made from? A metal playpen is the strongest, wood playpens are the lightest and easiest to move around.

    iii) Should the playpen be colourful or match your interior? Some of the plastic playpens are very bright colours, a metal playpen is usually white.

    Also remember some playpens come with a playmat which is the perfect size to sit inside the shape of the playpen. Some playpens can even be opened up and the ends screwed into a wall.

  • Accessories
  • Bed Rails

    Toddler and Kids Bed Rails

    When your child is ready to move out of a cot they may need to adjust their sleeping habits. In a cot they have sides that will keep them on the mattress, but when transferring to a bed that added safety is no longer there. Bed rails can often help make your child feel safer and reduce the risk of falls.

    Bed rails come in two types, fixed bed rails and fold down. The fixed rails are often a little cheaper and stronger, but the fold downs offer more convenience since you can put them down without completely removing them.

  • Safety

    Baby Home Safety products

    Children, especially toddlers, have great curiosity but little understanding of the consequences of their actions. Whether they are in the bath, the kitchen, a play room or outside there are a number of risks which can be more easily managed with the help of some safety aids. Child proofing your home can reduce the risk of injury, especially around hot items, chemicals, sharp edges, electricity, pets, choking hazards, stairs and anywhere a little finger could go.

    Soft edge corners, cabinet locks, bath thermometers, baby gates, powerpoint plugs, bed rails, night lights, bath seats and more can help reduce the risk of injury.

  • Brands

    Baby Gates Brands

    If you are looking for branded baby gates for your little one, then we have you covered. We stock the most famous baby gates brands, like Lindam, Dreambaby and Vee Bee. Browse the entire range and the prices on our website. Contact us today!

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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items